Thursday, February 11, 2016

Types of Cats (Part 1)

Bengal Cats: Bengal cats have a reputation of being wild and energetic; however, they are just as lovable and docile as any other domesticate cat. They love to be around their families and are not afraid of water so they will go for a swim if as long as they are in the mood for it.

Himalayan Cats: If you like to stay indoors, lounge around, or read a good book, then the Himalayan cat is perfect for you. They are a calm and gentle breed but have a playful side to them as well. Himalayan cats love to be around their families and crave attention from them. Himalayan cats require a lot of grooming and care. They also love to play fetch and will be entertained for hours with a simple cat toy.
Siamese Cats: Siamese cats are sweet and loving toward their families. They are known to be very playful and vocal. But if you "converse" back, they will happily have a conversation with themselves. Siamese cats are extremely social and love to be a part of your life. They love to follow you where ever you go. But if you leave them alone for too long, Siamese cats will long to be with you and never leave you alone.


  1. Those cats are too cute! The Bengal cats are my favorite of the three. I love their print and it's crazy that they like water!

  2. Even though I am not great with cats, these pictures are super cute!

  3. omg i love your blog! Bengal's are my favorite!

  4. I love those pretty pictures of cats! The Himalayan cat appears to be perfect for me, shame that my mom doesn't like cats.