Monday, February 1, 2016

Rule number one when you pick up a stray cat: make sure they have been spayed and neutered. Biscuit and Potato may have been fat when we got them, but being fat does not necessarily mean they have been spayed. My family and I learned the hard way because just a few months after finding them in the street, even though they were little, we found out Potato was pregnant. Man was my mom freaking out. I was too, but only because I was scared that I would have to give away all of them. Well after about 2 months of an ever increasing in diameter cat, Potato finally gave birth to 6 adorable little kittens. I had to help her throughout the whole birth giving process and it was not fun. My sister and I became momentary doctors and literally googled our way through the labor. But thank god every kitten came out perfectly fine and healthy. From left to right we have Chester Jr, Snow, P.J. (Potato Jr.), Tater Tot, French Fry, and Shadow. I told my mom that if Potato were to have blonde kittens, that I would without a doubt name them French Fry and Tater Tot. Now we had 8 cats and we quickly began to give them away once they were old enough to leave their mother.


  1. Lol your blog is super rad. I'm not really a cat person but after reading your blog, I want a cat now!

  2. You are very creative with names, I am not a cat person but those are some pretty cute cats!