Friday, January 22, 2016

For the longest time in my life, I considered myself a dog person. It's not that I didn't like cats, I just liked dogs more. But when my mom brought home 3 little kittens that she found at Miami Dade College, I knew that from that day, cats were the ideal pet for me.
My most recent cat, Biscuit, has been the most lovable animal I've ever had. Every day after school, she would wait for me at the front door and walk in with us. She would nuzzle up against our legs and give us kisses with her rough, sandpaper-like tongue. But the best thing about Biscuit was that she would literally have a conversation with you. It's like she knew what you were saying and would respond every time with a different meow. Biscuit never shut up though. All throughout the night, she meowed to be let into your room. I have lost countless hours of sleep just because of that one cat.
Her sister Potato was the complete opposite. Potato was very reserved and didn't like human contact. But once she was comfortable around you, she would not leave you alone. I've never met a more clingy cat in my life.
But even through the long sleepless nights, the constant meowing, and every surface in my house covered in hair, I would never consider to get any other pet besides a cat.