Thursday, May 19, 2016

Types of Cats (Part 11)

LaPerm: The LaPerm looks as if he stuck his paw in a light socket and got a shock, but his curly coat is the result of a natural genetic mutation, not at all unusual in the world of cats. The LaPerm may be born bald or shorthaired, with his wavy or ringleted coat coming in at maturity. The coat comes in any color or pattern but is most often seen in tortoiseshell, tabby, or red. It may be short or long and covers the entire body, right down to the curly tail. Not all of the cats develop a curly coat, however. Some are born with a straight coat and keep it throughout their lives. If you want to be sure your LaPerm has curls, you may want to seek out one whose mature coat has already come in. This is a medium-size cat who weighs 5 to 10 pounds and reaches maturity at two to three years of age.
Nebelung: Nebelungs are mild, soft-spoken, and gentle. They are generally reserved around strangers, ranging from hiding-under-the-bed timid to warily eyeing intruders from a safe distance. Given humans' unpredictable behavior, this could be interpreted as a sign of extreme intelligence. To their family, Nebelungs are like Russian Blues, affectionate and playful although not intrusive. They tend to bond with a select few humans and stay loving and devoted throughout their lives. The primary difference in conformation between the Nebelung and the Russian Blue is coat length, otherwise, the standards are almost identical. Whereas the Russian Blue's coat is short and dense, the Nebelung's fur is medium-long, silky, and possesses a dense undercoat. The bright blue color is contrasted with silver-tipped guard hairs and therefore the coat catches the light, giving the fur a luminous, misty quality. Even with a dense undercoat that makes the coat stand away from the body, the fur resists matting and does well with a good once-a-week brushing.



  2. Omg! They are adorable and so fluffy. I want all the cats in the world!!

  3. I love cats , the Laperm cat looks so adorable and I love the nebelung color !!