Monday, March 28, 2016

Types of Cats (Part 3)

Egyptian Mau: Egyptian Maus are very independent cats even if they have been with he same owner since kitten hood. But even through their independent nature, Egyptian Maus are very comfortable around their families. They don't shed much fur but be prepared for a good amount of fur on your clothing. Maus, however, are more prone to genetic diseases because of poor breeding practices. Maus are a little on the playful side and love to vocalize their feelings to their families.
Maine Coon: If you are looking for a loving, family-friendly, goofy, playful, sweet, and loud cat, then the Maine Coon if the cat for you. They love to be around their families and don't ever let themselves be unheard. Coons have a beautiful thick coat that need a lot of attention and if left unkept, then you will pay the price with fur on every surface in your house. But the trademark of the Maine Coon has to be their tails. It is long, fluffy, and heavy and they just drag it along the floor behind them while they walk.

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  1. I recently adopted a maine coone! It was probably the best idea I have ever gone through with.